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Frequently Asked Questions

Comparison Bank Shopping

Comparison Bank Shopping ... Learn more »

Opportunity Passport Module Materials

Opportunity Passport Module Materials ... Learn more »

Links to Housing Help: Allegheny Link

Links to Housing Help:  Allegheny Link

The Allegheny Link connects people in need to available housing resources. ... Learn more »

Steel City Safe HealthShack: Logging On

Here is how you get started with Steel City Safe HealthShack. You will know how to log-on & recover your password if you forget it. ... Learn more »

Opportunity Passport™ 411

Opportunity Passport™:  Program Facts

Heads UP! Hey IL-eligible people... interested in a 100% return on your investment? Are you 14-23 years old? You NEED to check out this opportunity to earn money while savings money... Like being paid for attending meaningful sessions? How does Opportunity Passpo ... Learn more »

Re:solve Crisis Network

A crisis can be anything from feeling lonely and needing to talk to feeling overwhelmed with life. The first step to feeling relief starts with picking up the phone and making a call: any day, any time, for any reason. ... Learn more »

ChildLine: Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline

If you are concerned about the well-being of a person, 18 years of age or younger. Please call ChildLine, they answer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ... Learn more »

What is HealthShack? HealthShack

HealthShack™, is the place to keep life records – everything from your birth certificate to social security card to medical history. It’s a secure and simple-to-use site developed for youth like us, by youth like us, to store documents that are super important, yet easy to lose.