SITY Board: System Improvement Through Youth

SITY is a group of people who are age 16-24 who has been in foster care, mental health,  juvenile justice or other DHS systems.  SITY means System Improvement Through Youth.  When a person comes to SITY, we talk about how to change the system and how SITY can make it better.  So, the youth who are in those systems now can be better understand the system is there to help you, not mess you up. SITY makes sure the systems work better.  SITY can help you with a goal you have in life you want to accomplish. 

Every board meeting looks different.  Some times we will go out into the community to serve a meal & talk to other youth about how things could be better.  Other times we are meeting with adults who are asking our opinions about new projects.  HealthShack is a new project SITY helped with.  SITY picked the name & designed the logo for Steel City Safe''s HealthShack.  It feels good knowing that our work & opinions actually matters.  What we do at SITY is important.

 “Everyone in the group is different, and that’s what makes SITY special,” said Duane Berry, youth support coordinator in the Executive Office. “The diversity of our members and their ideas have allowed us to participate in a variety of community activities, get our voice heard and positively impact the services of young people recieve.”

 As SITY is seeking to expand membership, staff and providers are encouraged to think of people who may be a good fit for the program. In addition to community outreach and team building, SITY members also receive transportation to and from the meetings and meals.

More information is available by contacting Duane at 412.350.7162 or or visiting the SITY webpage.



What is HealthShack? HealthShack

HealthShack™, is the place to keep life records – everything from your birth certificate to social security card to medical history. It’s a secure and simple-to-use site developed for youth like us, by youth like us, to store documents that are super important, yet easy to lose.